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Resurrection Day

Why do we celebrate Easter? Well to clear it up, Easter is not a Christian celebration. Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ which takes place three days before Easter and ends on Easter day. Easter is actually a pagan worship of another god. Like Christmas, when Rome and other parts of Europe converted to Christ they still practiced the pagan holidays but tried to center the celebrations around Jesus Christ. Unlike the birth of Christ and the winter solstice, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ actually did take place around the same time as the pagan celebration of Easter (Merely coincidental). Easter is actually known as the god Ostara which became Eostre and is now known as Easter. She was supposed to be the god of spring and is famous for healing a dying bird by changing it into a rabbit, strangely enough the rabbit still had feathers and wings like a bird. The rabbit-bird was so grateful to Ostara for saving its life the rabbit-bird laid a bunch of colorful eggs for her as a thank you (hence the reason for the bunny and basket of colored eggs for Easter). As time went by the story of the bunny was changed to the story of Ostara coming back from the dead but this did not happen until several hundreds years after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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